The dog whisperer

I was watching the dog whisperer for the first time while visiting My Mom the other day. This guy visits incompetent dog owners and teaches them how to treat their dog so they listen and dont get out of hand. He would meet these insane hyper-active, aggressive, out of control dogs and within moments have them sitting quiet and still, looking up at him with big obedient eyes like the alpha he was. It was amazing. I couldn’t help but think of Myself. men are like dogs, I know it’s a cliche but this show definitely brought that to a new level for Me. A dog owner who knows little about dogs is like a clueless Girl that ended up with a loser for a boyfriend. Both allow an animal to live chaotically in their home, leaking fluids in corners, and making their overall life more stressful and aggravating. All it takes is a little knowledge of how these lesser beings think and react and soon they’re clinging to your every word. Make them perform tricks for simple everyday necessities like food and their life suddenly becomes dependent and controlled by the you. The only difference is a trained dog is loyal to the owner for the rest of it’s life. And pay-pigs? Well, you can’t really count of them for anything, especially loyalty. I guess that’s why they’re called pigs and not dogs.