Losers: america vs. europe

I’ve heard from a number of people working in the adult industry that Euro porn whores have no soul. They’re able to perform the most degrading sex acts on tape without any shame or remorse while any American whore is inevitably driven toward self-loathing and drugs. But what about the losers? American abuse-junkies who contact Me are almost always torn between their “normal life” and their losery submissive side. They make excuses for it and are constantly under this misconception that they can just mold and control Me into acting out their stupid laundry list of sub-fantasies. Selfishly sending Me emails starting with “I want…” or “I’m looking for…” like they’ve never talked to a Princess in their life. They make small payments and actually get bent out of shape when I dont give them all the attention in the world for it. IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY YOU STUPID AMERICAN LOSERS.

Euro-losers? Fantastic. They completely accept and embrace their pathetic ways and dont try to fight it. They dont waste My time talking about how much money they can give Me because they’re smart enough to know that money in My hand is the only way to prove themselves. They dont put up a fight, play games, or waste My time (this is all generally speaking, btw). They’re also far more humble, always acknowleging how pathetic and stupid they are. American-losers will do the same, but only when their man-clits are hard and they’re deeply trapped in their loser mindset. Otherwise, they actually have a sense of worth and love to boast about what a “great sub” (oxymoron) they are and how much money I could be making from them if only I was more like the Princess they fantasize about in their tiny little brains. Retards.

Let’s take for example two dummies who’ve contacted Me in that past. They both have a blackmail fetish. One is from Sweden, the other from Alabama. Alabama loser called Me up one day and sent Me his ex-girlfriend’s email address and a picture of himself naked chained to the wall in some dungeon. Which is actually more than what most american losers do, who claim to have a blackmail fetish but then it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to actually send Me something. Anyway, the entire phone conversation I was photoshopping a word bubble into the photo and telling him all these ideas I had to write in it before I sent it off. He loved it, spooged, and then BEGGED ME PROFUSELY NOT TO SEND IT. Which was okay in a sense, because the other half of the conversation was him sincerely begging Me for about $5 a minute, telling Me how this is “just a fantasy” and how he “needs to feel good about himself.” Eventually I took pity and told him I wouldnt send it if he paid Me $50. He did and never heard from him again.

More recently, Swedish loser sent a $75 amazon giftcard and filled out my pay-pig application before contacting Me. It took no time after that for him to politely ask if he could send Me pictures to blackmail him with.. He sent 5. In them he’s wearing nothing but a thong, putting a dildo in his ass, mouth, holding up a sign that says “i’m a slave to the beautiful Princess Ceara,” and best of all, an unedited picture of his passport. American losers into blackmail will almost always start off by saying “I’m probably going to regret this but….” But not this little Swedish-fag. He was nothing but kind, thankful, and obediant. Best of all, he’s not going anywhere now. He happily screwed himself over and now I fucking OWN him and his income.

Ah, what a life.