Princess Monique

No fags, youre not dreaming. That is THE Mistress Monique and Princess Ceara TOGETHER! I had the utmost privilege of meeting up with her last Friday and needless today we hit it off very very well. It’s so nice to meet another Girl that measures up to My caliber. We had lunch and talked about all about our awesome lives raping the wallets of all you paypigs. A loser’s wet dream come true, right? Even better, later that night we went to the titty bar with another one of her gorgeous girlfriends and drank ourselves silly (on some loser’s tab, of course). I bet you dummies wish you called our ignore lines then, huh? I have had SO many of you phone-sluts call Me up and mention Monique that I just knew it would be in everyone’s benefit if we got put our cruel money-draining minds together. We came up with lots of fun ideas, one in particular is our niteflirt group you can check out here: . It’s for all you dumb little whores on niteflirt that couldnt stay loyal to one Princess if your life depended on it. It’s a chance for you idiots to be passed around by us, Mistresses WORTHY of your money, like a bag of potato chips. There’s more than just Me and Monique in the group, so if you see more than one of us on–CALL! Beg us to tag-team your bank account. Hahahaha..!!

Monique doesnt have a website up yet so all you fags will have to send her a very HUMBLE message on myspace begging to be added on her list. Dont even bother trying to add Me… you’ll just get denied.