Fun day

I drained this new loser today, dorky mcretard. We played a fun game where he sent Me a lot of money and I sent him a picture. Sometimes it was a cute picture of Me, other times it was this :

HAHAHA !! ISNT THIS SO FUNNY? He actually paid Me to view this! I raped him out of $125 until he spooged and became useless. So now I’m pissed. I know Monique has been spending his unemployment checks too so he’s been told to tell her how he leaked without permission. I’m sure she’ll deal with him appropriately.

hikingds: hi
Ceara Lynch: hi
hikingds: do you drink bottled water
Ceara Lynch: sometimes. why?
hikingds: mmmmm
hikingds: it would be cool to watch you drink it
Ceara Lynch: why?
hikingds: well it would fill you up
Ceara Lynch: what? my bladder?
hikingds: yes
Ceara Lynch: hahahaha sick freak
hikingds: blushing

This guy spent 30 minutes on my ignore line watching me on cam drink two bottles of water. Then I went into the bathroom and peed in one of the bottles and he bought it for $100. He stayed on the line all while I was in the bathroom and then when I packaged it all up.. Gross!! Whatever pissslut. I dont sell pee too often btw. I charge too much.