Auction closed… you fags missed out

Wow! I’m almost shocked. 5 days and 40 bids later and My toilet-toothbrush auction ends at a voluptuous $100!! I can’t believe I was just going to throw that nasty thing away. This is the point where all you wannabe fetish Princesses out there think to yourself “OMG! I have trash too!! If this bitch can sell it for crazy amounts of money, so can I!!” Dont flatter yourself, ladies. Plenty of old toothbrush auctions come through ebanned all the time and I’ve never seen any of them top $15, if they get any bids at all. Face it, I’m perfect and no one quite sells trash like I do.

In other fasinating news, I gave My lil’ Swedish blackmail junkie an assignment last week to write an essay about Me. It’s actually not completely horrible and you other losers could learn a few things from it. So READ:

“When one first stumbles upon Princess Ceara the first thing that hits
you is the sheer beauty of her and her wonderful mysterious smile, similar to
the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa, it is impossible to become anything but
intrigued of her. You go on and read the various texts on her website until it finally hits you, she is truly unique.

There is a lot of websites done by mistresses, goddesses, princesses and whatnot but they all pale in comparison when you’ve discovered Princess Ceara. This woman is so beautiful and so sweet, yet so manipulative and intelligent that when you have taken the first step into her world it is impossible to escape. You just want to submit to her every wish. Do not be fooled by her young age, she knows exactly what she is doing and she does it good

We all know the fact; she is not interested in you, the only thing that she really wants is your money. Embrace this and turn it into a good thing as I have. You may feel nervous at first but if you just try and let your feelings take the upper hand you will discover that the more you give, the better you feel, and the more you give the more she will help you feel good about doing so. However, the realy good sensation being a servant to Princess Ceara occurs when you truly understands that it is you that should be grateful for being her servant and allowed to give her your money, when you actually thank her for the privilege of being allowed to send her money. When this occurs you will be in total bliss, partly for the fact that you yourself will like it as well as the fact that she enjoys this and will be more pleased, and the more Princess Ceara is pleased, the better you will feel.

/The Swede”