Welcome to My website, I hope you left your dignity at the door. My name is Ceara Lynch. I am a stunningly gorgeous 20 year old humilatrix and fetish Princess who specializes in extreme financial domination. I believe pretty young girls have an strong unspoken power over pathetic male subs like yourself and I’m here to exploit that as much as possible. I’m very serious about what I do and will only accept the most devoted and financially-able pay-pig slaves into My stable. So don’t waste My time if you’re already living off top ramen (I’ll be able to tell VERY quickly). Also, be sure to review My site carefully before asking Me any stupid questions. I hate repeating Myself. Without a tribute I probably won’t answer you anyway. Hahahaha.

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  1. Chaz M

    From the gate. Leading a horde of us relics who may have once had a shot at your aunt may and missed the magic entirely. Tell us where to send hidden treasure in thanks for PCL.

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