Yahoo ID: jd**** AKA Happy dresser boy

j m: see i set myself up
j m: i mean, i still want to buy a new car
j m: save up money for trips
j m: but i have this damn addiction
Ceara Lynch: hahahaha
Ceara Lynch: it’s because you dont really deserve those things
j m: wow, oh yeah?
Ceara Lynch: yeah, your addiction keeps you in your place
j m: crazy…or i have a weak mind
j m: and i fold whenever things get tough
Ceara Lynch: that too
j m: damn
j m: this is depressing
Ceara Lynch: no it’s not, just drink some more

j m: perfect
j m: You are so yummy
j m: yeah
j m: i would crawl to lick Your feet
Ceara Lynch: Would you lick the bottom of my shoes?
j m: i would Princess
Ceara Lynch: even if I stepped in dog shit?
j m: ha, wow, no
Ceara Lynch: sounds like you need another drink

j m: i don’t know why i like being exploited
Ceara Lynch: no point in questioning it
j m: ive been like this forever, i had a foot fetish in the 6th grade
j m: i used to write about girls laughing at me and taking my money in jr high
Ceara Lynch: haha nice
j m: serious, i was born submissive like someone can be born gay
Ceara Lynch: I dont doubt it.
j m: i want a dominant girl to serve in real time tho, i am a quality sub, not ugly, make good money, obediant, there is no reason i shouldn’t have a bitchy girl boss me around in person
Ceara Lynch: so hire one
j m: eh, i don’t want a pro domme, i want a girl to call me whenever she needs something…you know make me pay for Her dates, nights out etc
Ceara Lynch: btw, “quality sub” is an oxymoron
j m: see You hate subs
Ceara Lynch: Maybe a little
j m: yeah see i like that, part of me is turned on by the fact i am repulsive to You and You hate me, but then i can’t spend longterm on a girl that hates me
Ceara Lynch: why?
j m: cause i don’t hate myself
Ceara Lynch: oh that’s too bad
j m: why?
Ceara Lynch: It’s easier to get money out of losers with low self esteem
Ceara Lynch: just like how girls with low self esteem are easy lays
j m: ha, yeah well You get me back there

Ceara Lynch: I want to kill your liver everyday this week
Ceara Lynch: you better stock up on booze
j m: wow really? You are gonna make me an alcoholic?
Ceara Lynch: sure, why not? I like you better drunk
j m: wow
j m: why do You have to be so cute
j m: i can’t reason when You are so cute, even though You are destructive
j m: if You weren’t so fucking cute i would say no way to drinking all the time
Ceara Lynch: Yeah, it’s almost like god made Me to destroy you or something
j m: really, i was doing so well
j m: You are like the hurdle i can not pass, You are too perfect
Ceara Lynch: tell Me about it…
j m: it’s not right, its like superman using his powers to rule earth
j m: i mean, come on,You dont realize Your own power, or maybe You do
j m: ok im sounding loopy now
Ceara Lynch: hahahaha
Ceara Lynch: send Me another $25
Ceara Lynch: I want to break you down loser
j m: yes Princess

j m: seriously i would so be Your errand boy 24/7
j m: i would buy all Your alcohol
j m: id make 2 am food runs for You
Ceara Lynch: nice
Ceara Lynch: I’d hit you up for money whenever I had a hot date
j m: yes Princess i would love that
j m: i would clean and buy all Your groceries
Ceara Lynch: yeah and My laundry. I hate doing laundry
j m: i would totally do Your laundry
j m: wow i worship You so much
j m: i am hooked
j m: wow

j m: i don’t want You to hate me
j m: but it is hot when You do think of me as just another loser with a wallet, i won’t lie
j m: but i don’t know if i can stay like this all the time
Ceara Lynch: I’m not asking you to. Just whenever you talk to Me is fine.
j m: haha
j m: ok
j m: i think You have to hate me to be mean to me? is that it??
j m: maybe You are secretly really nice and sweet and if You hate me it makes it easier to be mean
Ceara Lynch: does it matter?
j m: it doesn’t
j m: i like it either way
j m: i just am curious, i ask questions, im not a dumb sub
Ceara Lynch: shame.
Ceara Lynch: good thing youre drinking liquid stupid

j m: i was into women and feet when i was 12
Ceara Lynch: Did your sister trample on you when you were little or something?
j m: haha, no but i remember the first girl i ever had a crush on her feet in 6th grade, her name was julie and she made fun of me about something..i think i was wearing generic sneakers or something like a lame ass, and she made fun of me with her friends
j m: and i like fell in love with her
j m: and i was realy smart so hot girls always used me to cheat on tests or help them with their work
Ceara Lynch: Ah young dominance.
j m: yeah
j m: so by 7th grade i was writing stories of girls laughing at me and begging them to let me kiss their shoes and feet and paying money
j m: i used to make a big collection of them then i would always throw them away and say i was done being like this
Ceara Lynch: how old are you now?
j m: im 30
Ceara Lynch: So much for that.

Ceara Lynch: do you do anything else besides drink? you need to pick up another habit
j m: ha
Ceara Lynch: how about meth? I hear its great
j m: yeah no drugs
j m: i masturbate a lot
Ceara Lynch: yeah well, you have a penis
j m: i used to smoke pot in high school
j m: i drink a ton of coffee
Ceara Lynch: no good
j m: im a hardcore caffeine addict
Ceara Lynch: try coke

j m: if i pass out dial 911
Ceara Lynch: nah

j m: im so in love with You
Ceara Lynch: I’m going to ruin you
j m: i know
j m: i dont care
Ceara Lynch: fabulous.
j m: nothing else matters but You
j m: i want You to control my life Princess
Ceara Lynch: will do
j m: i wont spend any money without asking Your permission
Ceara Lynch: good
j m: i wont buy a new car
j m: i can buy a used one
Ceara Lynch: or a bus pass
j m: yes Princess
j m: anything for You yes im sorry
Ceara Lynch: lol
j m: i really want You to be the focus of my life, is that ok?
Ceara Lynch: yes
j m: i reall want You to do my thinking
j m: make all my decisions
Ceara Lynch: yeah, especially your financial ones
j m: yes Princess please
j m: im so weak

j m: when i was like 12 to like my sophmore year in hs i couldn’t even touch my cock to masturbate, i used to rub my body againt a dresser
Ceara Lynch: HAHAHA tell Me more stories like this
j m: yeah i told an gf this and she and her friends called me the happy dresser boy
j m: the first time i ever jerked off was to my dads playboy magazine but it was to a pick of a girl feet, sherilynn fenn, and she was clothed
j m: and of course i was humping the dresser
Ceara Lynch: HAHAHA


Ceara Lynch: you can’t leave Me alone
j m: i can’t, why can’t i?
j m: i mean You weren’t even messaging me, You hate me
j m: and i begged to be used by You
j m: like a freakin retard
Ceara Lynch: yep, haha
Ceara Lynch: so send $25, bitch
j m: Princess i need to slow down
Ceara Lynch: ugh.
j m: i know im sorry
Ceara Lynch: you’re boring Me anyway, I’m just going to turn my phone back on. Bye.
j m: wow ok, bye
j m: its my fault Princess
j m: i accidentally got off watching You on cam last time, im sorry
Ceara Lynch: whatever, leave Me alone.
j m: ok
j m: You are so mean to me
Ceara Lynch: and youre annoying, GO AWAY
j m: fine bye, i won’t bother You again, take care
j m: im going to delete messanger now
Ceara Lynch: you are SO dumb. Do you really think I’d notice?
Ceara Lynch: you just haaad to tell Me. can’t get enough.
j m: i know You wouldn’t i guess i don’t realize how it is i think it is fantasy and You really couuld care less
j m: i can’t i really like You
j m: that is why You being so mean and hating me sucks sometimes, its hot but then it sucks
Ceara Lynch: so why are you still talking to Me?
j m: fine im sorry bye
j m: everytime i think i am building something this happens, its not my fault i am not loyal You don’t reward loyalty
Ceara Lynch: you are so unbelievably weak. just when you say youre going to leave you come crawling back for more
j m: i know im sorry
j m: i cant help it
j m: is it because i wont take another drink? ill send 5 and take another drink Princess
Ceara Lynch: go away
j m: whatever
j m: You are impossible
Ceara Lynch: and youre an idiot
j m: i can spend elsewhere
Ceara Lynch: BYE’
j m: ciao
j m: see if Princess Jodie will take my money
Ceara Lynch: LEAVE
j m: im messaging her no worries
j m: in case You messaged her to say something, i never messaged her
Ceara Lynch: omg
Ceara Lynch: I dont CARE..
j m: why so hostile?
j m: seriously?
Ceara Lynch: are you stupid? how many times do I have to tell you to fuck off until you stop crawling back like a whipped puppy?
Ceara Lynch: seriously?
j m: i cant stop talking to You, i only want to talk to You, i wouldn’t message her
Ceara Lynch: I dont want to talk to you you fucking loser
j m: i only said that to get a reaction from You
j m: fine, i get it i get it
Ceara Lynch: youre an ass, seriously, I could care less. I like Jodie and if she can get your money good for her. Better than you spending it.. but it really fucking pisses me off youd say something like that JUST to get a reaction
Ceara Lynch: dont you DARE contact Me again unless you have $100 ready to pay Me. I’m dead serious. I will fucking block you you piece of shit
j m: just block me then
Ceara Lynch: nah, on second thought that would be too easy
Ceara Lynch: I’m just going to ignore you. BYE.
j m: well i won’t spend 100 to be treated like this, i was never mean to You, You went psycho on me after i paid a lot, so obviously i can’t buy Your attention.
j m: Youd probably block me after i sent 100
j m: this psychological ploy wont work, it actually makes me realize i can still go to cabo
j m: seriously though, You wigged out, i would have kept paying, just because there is a lull doesn’t mean im done
j m: ok bye i’ll block You
j m: why 100?
j m: i apologize, i know You are on a call, but i just wanted to say i was sorry if this was my fault Princess, i promise i won’t message You again unless You want to message me
j m: please talk to me
j m: if i sent $50?
j m:well i guess it is really over then, becaue i would have sent that, i am drunk You made me drink and that is why i am acting so pathetic and stupid Princess
j m: so if i sent $100 then, it’s done huh?
j m: You are totally messing with me
j m: please can i just send 50?
j m: please talk to me if You are there
j m: give me the word, i’ll send the 100
j m: i want to send that but im afraid You will just stop talking to me then anyway
j m: i have nothing to show You would not, i spent over 100 tonight and You ignored me, ive spent well over 500 even 600 in a week on You
j m: that would be like 20 mins cam, and i guarantee You wouldn’t give me that
j m: i ate and sobered up anyways, You should have messaged me when i was drunk 45 mins ago, i probably would have sent that
j m: let it be known i didn’t spend on anyone else though, not that You care
j m: why are You so stubborn? Why cant i send 50?
j m: can we do $10 a drink?
j m: 15?
j m: wow im obsessed with You, im sorry to message You so much, please block me
j m: do i get cam for 100?
j m: wow You are driving me over the deep edge
j m: well there is no way im sending it just to talk
j m: forget that
j m: i don’t get it, i mean, if i annoy You block me, but i paid and i was consistent, if You push away all Your subs like this You will never get any loyalty that i promise You
j m: You take Yourself way to seriously
j m: is it going to be like this tomorrow or do we get to start over?
j m: ok can i please send 50?
j m: and i will drink the whole bottle of wine for You on cam
j m: i’ll make this up to You, You will forgive me
j m: im sending You 50 anyways
j m: sent Princess
j m: nothing?
j m: please say something

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Yahoo ID: jdcreed2

You know what you owe Me loser. Pay up and this doesnt have to be here.

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  1. EDSs

    G.R.E.A.T. !

    what’s turn me on is not to be insulted like a pig, but to show those worms expose their pathetic lack of self-estime “buuh I give you 100 princess, i drink this bottle” and 5 mn later, he don’t wanna pay “love me” he said. WTF can love THAT ?

    Thank you Lady Ceara !

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