Urine and webcams

pissslut is a lowly loser that likes to talk about My pee tasting like fine wine. Of course he could only imagine. The closest he will ever come anywhere NEAR My waste is when he calls My ignore line. I turn on My cam and I make him sit there in silence, watching Me shop online and drink lots and LOTS of water. pissslut will spend up to an hour + doing this at $3 a minute as I send him links to each gift I expect him to pay for. When I’m all done shopping and My bladder is full, I go into the other room and piss into the bottle I was just drinking from. Meanwhile My weak pissslut gets out his credit card and checks out all of the items he’s so fortunate to buy for Me. I come back with a bottle of pee which he gets to stare at until I’m bored with him and hang up. Among other things, he recently bought Me a new webcam!

This new cam is fantastic. Besides being faster, clearer and more expensive, it also has a wide angle lens so all you idiots who call My ignore line get a better chance of seeing Me when I’m doing things in My room. Check out the difference:

OLD CAM VS. NEW CAM (both rest at the same distance away)

So what are you idiots waiting for? Go buy lots of cam time NOW.

Speaking of piss-drinkers, did anyone know I have a pet dog? It’s true. He lives in England and sleeps in a dog kennel each night. I’ve been meaning to get him fixed until I found out it would be cheaper and more hilarious to just lock his tiny dick away in a cb2000. We had a fun little session yesterday where I made him piss into a can of wet dog food and eat it. HAHAHAHAHA!! The only downside was that the batteries in his camera were dead so I don’t have any pictures to share. I guess that means hes gonna have to do it again when his camera is working, RIGHT PUPPY?? He made a livejournal and wrote all about it. Go laugh at him here: