Dear fags,

I had a fun time raping some idiot college student out of $500 today. He bought Me a new printer and cute new Sony handycam and the rest cash. Not only that, but he gave Me some detailed information about his college and the various politicians he’s associated with. And his girlfriend who was sleeping 10 feet away during all this. Hahahaha!! What a fuck-up. “Please Princess, RUIN MY ENTIRE LIFE.” Youre gonna regret telling Me all this later, loser..! Your puny income is Mine. Maybe next time he’ll give Me his gf’s email address. I hope!

dweebish swedish sent a $250 tribute today. He also started up a livejournal which he will be updating twice a week or more. It kinda sucks right now but dont worry, I’ll inspire him to write something embarrassing later.