Happy dresser boy sucks

I had a nice little reunion with happy dresser boy today. We have a love-hate relationship; he loves Me, I hate him, and then sometimes he hates Me for it. But only for short periods of time of course until I remind him how I will always have him by his puny little balls. you SUCK happy dresser boy! I hate you and I always will. Why do you aggravate Me so? you know I’ll only drag you through the burning coals.

I got HD boy SO drunk tonight and raped him of $250. Then My man came over and took Me out to dinner. I signed off without saying goodbye. I knew he’d freak out like he always does when he thinks I’m ignoring him and left all these super whiny messages. he was trying to send another tribute but amazon was delaying it so he was especially freaking out because he thought I was mad at him. HAHA! Read:

j m: You there??
j m: You there??
j m: it is still pening, i don’t know why it isn’t completed
j m: see this is why i like paypal
j m: instant, i hate amazon
j m: wow, i can send paypal, this is still showing open, but You left anyays
j m: this is not my fault, amazon is lame, i hate this, now You left and are mad at me because amazon is retarded, this should be fine i used my debit, i have a lot of money in my checking
j m: fuck amazon!
j m: well it will go through and after it does i won’r send amazon again, You will have to find another way to pay You, it takes too long and You blame me
j m: calling amazon
j m: it is pending, i can send another way, it was not declined, i don’t know what else to do
j m: You totally bailed on me
j m: i was drunk and could spend another way, You either left or went invisible, well i called them, he said it is not my fault on the phone he doesn’t know why it hasn’t posted, thanks for leaviung tho
j m: could have at least said good bye if You were leaving, i spent like 250, man that is cold
j m: You don’t reward loyalty so You don’t get it from subs
j m: i won’t message You again, Happy New Year, You will not be someone I carry into 2008
j m: and You know i spent 150 on a domme while You disappeared, should have been around

Damn HD boy, leave it to complete douche nozzle like you to get SOOO angry over your temporary inability to lose more money to Me! Loyalty?? Give Me a break! I rape you once every two months at best. you threaten to tribute other dommes at least two or three times every time we talk. your attitude flips 180 at a moments notice. youre a inconsistent, idiotic, shit faced creep! youre not even worth of licking the dirt off My shoes! I want to show the WHOLE world what a pig I turned you into tonight. Behold, HAPPY DRESSER BOY! in all his drunkin glory! This is right after he wrote “MORON” on his forehead (God I hope you kept that on there. I want you to feel as stupid as possible tomorrow). I was trying to get him to tape his nose upward so he would have a pigface but the retard was too drunk to get it right. Oh well, laugh at his gay attempts anyway:

HAHAHA!! Dont you just hate his cheesy smile? I want to knock him right in the teeth sometimes. But boy do I love his money.. oh yeah, and here’s a fun picture for old time sake: