new years

In case you slobs were wondering, I had an amazing time on new years. I took the train up to Seattle with some friends and went to a huge party. Lots of intoxicated people in flashy costumes. Lots of girls wearing as little as possible. It’s like new years is the new Halloween or something. There was an after party that lasted all night so I got no sleep which is just how I like to start off the new year. I met an awesome girl at there and as the sun was rising she took me to this park that had this gorgeous cityscape view of Seattle. It was perfect! I meant to have my ignore lines on because I know so many of you losers were at home doing nothing hoping to live vicariously through Me.. but I guess I just forgot about you fucks! Story of your life, right?

I cant believe how fast this month is already speeding by. In just 4 days Lyne, Monique, and Myself will be in Vegas! Have you made your contribution to our little loser sponsored get away yet?? Its never too late. Plus theres no limit to the amount of money We can gamble away!!