Well I’ve been back from Vegas for about a week now and in case you were wondering it was AMAZING!! I have never had so much fun in Vegas! And thats not just because I could finally drink legally there. Princess Lyne, Princess Monique and I hit it off so well we are definitely planning on meeting together more often… on you expense of course 🙂 Imagine how much easier it will be to work your shitty 40 hour a week job knowing you will be paying the expense for 3 of the most amazing, gorgeous and sadistic dommes to get together and combine all our unstoppable talents?? But I digress. How many of you miserable fucks called me in Vegas?? I had my ignore line on the whole time, I could hardly keep up with the calls. Fartboy called right as I was in the middle of the casino talking to male porn star “Frank Wank.” He had his usual enthusiastic “im-a-14-year-old-girl-talking-to-britney-spears” voice going on. I talked to him for a second when Frank Wank grabbed the phone and totally ripped him a new one! It was SO funny. He went off about what a complete low-life reject he was and then went into detail about how he wanted him to open his window and announce to the world what a stupid fag he is. Of course fartboy actually BEING the total fag that he is ate it right up! Oh fartboy, how lucky are to receive a verbal beat down from a real man who gets paid for his huge dick and ability to fuck properly???

Oh, and I suppose I should mention the reason I was talking to a porn star was that the entire hotel was CRAWLING with them since the AVN awards were going on. In fact, on the night Monique flew in we ran into this totally submissive porno chick hanging out at the circle bar wasted and bragging loudly about how many dicks she’s fucked. Lyne and I were about to vomit when instead we came up with a brilliant scheme to teach the bitch a lesson. We convinced her to come up to our room where there would be lots of cock and blow. Naturally her eyes lit up and before she knew it the drunk slut was on her knees in our hotel room kissing our feet and giving up what LITTLE money she made flipping tricks. HAHAHA!! Luckily for you jerk-off fucks we recorded the whole thing. You can buy the video off clips4sale, it’s in 3 parts, you’ll have to goto Monique’s and Lyne’s studio to get part 1 and 3: Theres also a video of Lyne and I talking about our very first night together in Vegas where we had some fun with a couple of nerdy fan boys.

(just before our helicopter tour across the strip!)

So, I had a plane to catch home at about 11am Sunday morning. So instead of sleeping Mo and I played craps and drank cocktails for HOURS until I eventually had to pack and goto the airport. It was so funny, the whole casino was DEAD except our table which was swarming with guys checking us out and watching our crazy drunken antics. Mo even challenged some idiot to an arm wrestling match. Guess who won?? Princess Monique fitness QUEEEEEN of course! We were pretending to be sisters and everyone totally bought it. I suppose there is a bit of an sinister resemblance there.

Anyway, thats all I have to say about that. I’ll you all with this:

Oh yeah, have fun trying to get that image out of your heads, foot-fags.