The actual truth

Alright, theres a bunch of retarded rumors going around this close-nit gossipy domme scene and I thought I’d clear some things up. First of all, if you dont already know what Im talking about, start here:
(entry has since been deleted but I saved it. see above entry)

This loser wrote an anonymous comment on my journal accusing me of being an “employee” for a production company and not independent. Thus, going to Vegas during the time of the AVN awards. Let me dispute some of his astounding logic:

“just a coincedence they all came to vegas (sarcastic) all three…jan 9th to 11th…theres something called AVN “ No, in fact it was not a coincidence that We went to Vegas during this time. Why?? BECAUSE I GOTO AVN EVERY YEAR! It’s a great time to goto Vegas. Tons of people, lots of half naked girls, and the circle bar in the venetian is like a circus every night. The first time I went was 2 years ago I went with another girlfriend before I had My website and was actively milking losers for a living. Here’s a picture of Me with Ron Jeremy. I know theres no date, but note the chin length hair:

“rooms are sold out 1 year in advance all porn companys buy blocks of thousands and thousands of rooms. whats left sells for 800.00 a night (not kidding)” BULLSHIT. This loser obviously has no clue what he’s talking about. Yes, it is difficult to get a room IF you dont plan ahead. No, not a YEAR in advance, but 2 or 3 months prior. I booked Our room in October, wanna see the confirmation?

Note the daily rate of the rooms. $394 a night, not $800.

“look at her top friends. 1. is the actual company she works for!!! Number 2 is the wife of the owner she works for !!!” Hahahahahaha this is so funny. Yes, one of My “top myspace friends” owns a porno production company known as JM productions, owned by My FRIENDS Jeff Steward and his wife Sandy. Their former contract girl, Ashley Blue, was one of My favorite porn stars way back when I worked at an adult store at the tender age of 18. The first year I went to the AEE convention in vegas with My girlfriend I sought her out for an autograph and We ended up hitting it off and becoming friends. Thus, I met the couple she worked for as well. Yes, there was a time when they were pressuring Me to get into porn and work for them, but obviously it wasnt for Me. JM produces movies such as American Bukkake, gag-factor, tough love, wife mother whore, swirlies, DP virgins, irritable bowel syndrome (don’t believe Me? Here, browse there selection for yourself: They have such charming slogans as, “Whores Degraded Daily” and “Relax, It’s Not your Daughter.” They produce ONLY hardcore pornography. Hardcore to the point that they were indicted on federal obscenity charges a couple years ago and just recently had the case dismissed. Take one look at My website, have a session with Me on cam; use some common fucking sense. JM productions and Princess Ceara are on completely different planets. Why We have remained friends to this day is up for you losers to ponder for yourselves I guess.

“BTW clips4sale is a huge HUGE red flag of a fake domme..i dont mean all…but those videos are done professionally by pro cinema guys and shit…these chics, not coincedently are huge on clips4sale…clips4sale was basically created by porn company’s. the photos on these chics sites are professional photos…” First of all, while all 3 of us do very well on clips4sale, I’d say Monique is the only one of us who is “huge” on there since she has been in the top 50 (sometimes up to 20) studio on there for several weeks. And good for her!! She’s hot, quick witted, and totally bitchy. Performing in videos comes very naturally to her and she is like a machine the way she spits them out each week. HOWEVER! to call hers, or ANY of Mine or Lyne’s videos “done professionally by pro cinema guys and shit,” (as it was so elegantly put) is beyond funny. Clearly this moron doesnt even have the $4 it would take to buy one of Our videos and see how amature they are. In fact, you can even find several clips where you can see one of us pushing the start button on the camera before We learned to edit things like that out. As far as Our pictures being professional, well, I’ve been accused of that before. I cant tell you how flattering that is to a Girl like Me who’s never had anything but a $250 camera and tripod to take My pictures. I guess I’m just really good at it huh?

“…if u know them they have a really liberal return policy…these gifts aresnt shipped to these girls either trust me..” HAHAHAHA, I just wanted to quote this for the absurdity.

Fellow Dommes and stupid losers, don’t buy into this moron. he’s so ignorant and sexist that he can’t comprehend the possibility of three dominant, talented, intelligent young women who can do things like (OMG) build websites, take decent pictures, successfully make money and afford trips to Vegas. Give Me a break.



This little bitch wanted to meet Us SOOOO bad. he was so full of empty jerk-off promises. But that was obviously from his first message to Me and his neglect to pay for one of My auctions on ebanned (username: sincity888). Funny he has a blackmail fetish. Careful what you wish for, “steve.” 😉