Spanish Retard managed to make himself useful a couple days ago and bought Me tickets to Coachella!! The thing about this loser is he supposedly can’t send money through most places so he likes to go into Domme’s bill pay accounts and pay their bills. he always brings this up and never seems to remember that Im not stupid enough to give him access to that kind of information. I can’t have him buy anything off My wishlist either because he’s a little rat that will cancel the order after he spooges. So, the trick is to find non-refundable things online for him to pay for. I dont think he realized what he was getting himself into when he bought Me these tickets either, they’re over $300 and I had just maxed out his talksugar account the day before. Theyre suppose to email the tickets to you but he kept insisting he never got the email. UNLIKELY. he was probably just stalling until he could find a way to return the tickets and pretend like his credit card got declined for the 3rd time. Too bad for him he was dumb enough to give me his ticketmaster password so I just went in and changed the email and had them sent straight to Me. Behold!

I’m so stoked! The line up is amazing this year!! Hopefully Amy Winehouse won’t be too dead to perform. I’d love to see that bitch sing before she crumbles.