I knew it was only a matter of time before steve realized what an ass he was making of himself and decide delete his entry. So I saved it for all of you just catching up to speed with the entry below. .

Look…as a a guy who has sub tendencies but knows whats crackin with online domination. I could get into it ,but wanna know the girl is for real. You have this coommunity for fake slaves, now lemme get all 60 minutes on you for a second. As a guy who deals with 21, 22, 23. year old all the time (ima bartender in vegas)
its a little odd for a girl
1. To be dominant,and comfortable to explore that outside of a romantic relationship (rare)
2. To be domiant and understand financial domination, and how many men will pay to be called losers (more rare)
3. To put her image on the internet…i.e myspace, livejournal. website, youtube, clips4sale (are u kidding)
4. To know all the above and understand HTML and have professional photos and vids made (shut the fuck up)
5. Acutally wanna talk to stange men masturbating..i think its called niteflirt!! young guirls really like that huh?

It doesnt seem odd that on livejournal there are about 62.5 20 something year old money dommes!!!!
Whats worse it the real dommes complain about it and call them insta-dommes..LoL…i dunno whats worse the dudes who pay or the real dommes that cant figure out whats up…

Heres the deal…. they are employees!!! they work for “entertainment” or “production” company’s….there run by men..the content, if they have a site is created by men!!! a company if u will…Porn makes money on the internet and porn companys are involved in every and cater to all fetishes $$$ doesnt matter…people fucking horses to financial domination is someones willin g to pay theyll create it..ive been called ffake before but there no site where u can list the dommes who are fake…

Heres some prrof..i could give 25 more examples id u wanted

Heard of Princess Ceara, Princess Monique. Princess Lynne, just for starters…go ahead check out there journals (ceara to be exact) just a coincedence they all came to vegas (sarcastic) all three…jan 9th to 11th…theres something called AVN (google it) its the porn awards. Vegas is crawling with pron stars and if your a male and live in vegas you make sure you have coke and stay up for three days…rooms are sold out 1 year in advance all porn companys buy blocks of thousands and thousands of rooms. From Vivid to Wicked pictures..they buy all the rooms..whats left sells for 800.00 a night (not kidding) irianian dudes or high rollers are comped whats left..my point, these three chicks didnt plan, and trust me cant afford or couldnt even get a room if they WANTED during the dates!!! BUt yet right after new years they all plan a trip to vegas!!!! they were out here!!! there company they work for gave them a room out of their block of rooms…these chics are basically porn girls..not dominant not bitchy dont do this cause their into it..look at ceara journal enrty she even mentions like “oh yeah the porn awards were here” like its a coincedence….if u really want proof look at her myspace..look at her top friends. 1. is the actual company she works for!!! Number 2 is the wife of the owner she works for !!!
you pay these chics, and i promise you 75% goes to some middle aged pot bellied fat guy!!! dont be fooled cause u can call niteflirt and hear their voices…their just figure heads.
BTW clips4sale is a huge HUGE red flag of a fake domme..i dont mean all…but those videos are done professionally by pro cinema guys and shit…these chics, not coincedently are huge on clips4sale…clips4sale was basically created by porn company’s. the photos on these chics sites are professional photos…trust me they didnt go out and pay for them.
If a domme says shes from Canada..thats another huge red flag!!!
I hate to single just some out, trust me i can tell u about 25 others
Amazon.com…if u know them they have a really liberal return policy…these gifts aresnt shipped to these girls either trust me..
So ur all catty and bitchy when u think a girl is just an insta domme or not really dominant…hiliarious!!!! your basically talking to a guy and the dudes who pay them are paying a company run by dudes….so this group is kinda pointless without one explaing the financial dommes who are employees.