Compliments from Melissa @

I was just checking up on my old article I wrote for Vice magazine about a year ago, and I saw a new comment from none other than webmistress extraordinaire Melissa of! How sweet!

“ceara, you are the shit! (i mean that in the good way, lol) congratz on a well-written, hilarious, 100% TRUE piece.

the haters don’t understand your generosity of spirit. you are like mother theresa to the pervs: a true humanitarian. you make their lives worth living. a package from you is better than ten christmas mornings.

this is some of the most honest writing I’ve seen on girl dommes since “i was a teenage dominatrix” by shawna kenney (attn pervs: it’s at

luv ya girl. keep writing hip pieces like this for other magazines”

The mother teresa of pervs! yesss!