Another glowing review

I talked to this loser on niteflirt last night for maybe 10-15 minutes. I gave him my usual verbal beat down and teased him a little with my tight jeans. He loved it, but after blowing his loser-load started questioning me; “why are you so mean?” “what made you this way?” “are you happy with your life?” ….WTF? I admit I was a little taken back. He was pretty quiet for most of the conversation so I wasn’t expecting that kind of confrontation. I would expect that sort of attitude from people who simply dont understand what I do, but not someone who pays me for it. Usually losers start questioning themselves after they cum, and rightfully so. I mean, I get paid stupid amounts of money to treat people like shit, so that alone should be reason enough, right? Poor guy must hate himself a lot to have to blame me for his own perversions. Anyway, he finished the conversation with, “you have it coming, sweetie” and hung up. Then left me this glowing review:

“a real piece of work.. Ill admit i was horny and gave her money..however right after cumming i realized how fucked up our world really is with people like her in it”

HAHAHAHA!! Is it wrong that I’m proud of this? (That’s a rhetorical question, I dont actually care) I’m tempted to add a testimonial section to my website and plaster that quote at the very top.

1 thought on “Another glowing review

  1. EDSs

    amazing. How can people reject their fail always to OTHERS ?

    Make me remembering this song, used in south park “i can change”, when the singer said “it’s not me, it’s society”.

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