LOYALTY: Now with lower expectations!!

Loyalty is not something I train in my subs. Maybe because I don’t want to go through the effort of grinding some idea into an idiot that he will inevitably never get and never follow with. I’d rather make the most of it and at least make sure these sluts get passed around to my friends so they can squeeze the most out of their degenerate lives too. Maybe this is simply a skill I’m not good at, but I doubt it. Losers come and go, some longer than others, some come back, but they will always GO. And perhaps that’s a good thing because after a while I can’t stand any one idiot.

My vanilla friends often ask me if this little “career” gives me a bad impression of men. The answer is yes, but not in the sense that I think all men secretly what to suck of my toes and worship my shit. It gives me the impression that even the best liar, is just that, a liar. Subs are constantly lying to me, “I will do anything for you,” is a common one I get. Usually I can brush these lies off because I’ve heard them so many times before and I know I’ll hear them again. But an incident happened recently that left a really bad feeling in my stomach. A sub contacted me a couple days ago, asked a few humble questions and then proceeded to fill out my slave application WITH an initial tribute (AMAZING! you have no idea how many of these I get sans tribute). We talked on niteflirt and he had a very modest, very obedient tone in his voice. Everything I said was followed with a “yes Princess” and when I was trying to figure out what his fetishes were, it seemed his only interests were to take my orders and make me happy. he was more than aware that he would be expected to make weekly tributes and adopt a bill — and sounded eager to do so! I should have realized then and there it was too good to be true, but alas, silly me, I was still grasping on a shred of faith in a fucking loser. I gave him some very simple instructions: I wanted a list of all his expenses, and he was to send me some free tax advice from his accountant (he worked as a tax consultant). He had until the next day to do this and he assured me he would. The next day I heard nothing from him. NOTHING. I wrote him an email and asked what was up, but his email had been deleted. I wrote him on yahoo, again, no response. It wasn’t until today that I managed to catch him online and asked him on the spot. I told him he could at least have the decency to tell me what’s going on. his response? “i decided to seek closer to home.” Then proceeded to wish me well on my “kinda porn career,” because, apparently, posting in porn industry forums is a career. Who knew?

This was not a case of some freak going into sub space when he was horny and then snapping back into something else post-spooge. This was a case of a good liar as oppose to the bullshit I can usually see right through. It really makes me sick that any one male could act so sincere, so promising, and then proceed to drop off the face of the earth as quickly as he appeared, without so much as an explanation. Like I went from mega-super goddess worthy of all the praise and worship in the world, down to someone not even worth talking to. I’d like to think subs are different from most men, but I can’t help but think maybe they share a lot of the same “qualities.”


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  1. 518sub

    He jerked off to his fantasy, shot his load all over the place then said what the fuck am I doing. Don’t lose hope there are those slaves that will dedicate themselves to you but there aren’t many. I’m sure you’re aware of that.

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