Combing forces

So, as you may have heard bratty_monique and I have decided to combine our forces once again and recruit our gorgeous friends into this devilish world of male manipulation!! We’ve put them to work making videos for us and now have a shared studio for all you little dorks spend your hard earned money on. I just added two new clips: a tickle fetish one where Mo, Kai and myself gang up on our “friend” Kitty after she received a phone call from Mo’s BF!! Fucking slut gets what’s coming to her! We tie up her feet and arms and make her pay. She definitely learned her lesson and knows better then to mess with us. The next clip is a 4 girl spit fest with the same lovely ladies spitting big globs of spit into a cup and giving you shit stains a good verbal beat down! There’s plenty more clips to choose from with all sorts of stupid and disgusting themes and you dorks go crazy over: fart fetish, foot fetish, SPH, and even a lesbian make out clip! Cause who needs you dumb boys anyway?

The cup of spit will be up for auction soon! stay tuned fags! Click the banner below to check out the studio: