blackmailed dork

I caught me a nice little fishie recently. This totally weak, stupid and easily manipulated bitch with a boner for blackmail! I LOVE IT!! we had a loooong conversation about all his perverted little secrets, turns out he’s been buying lots of my nasty goodies on ebanned for quite a while, including those disgusting cookies Mo and I made a few months back.. YUCK! Anyway, when this little bitch was deep in sub space he was stupid enough to give me his “girlfriend’s” email address. I put girlfriend in quotes cause this guy is WAY too pathetic to get a real girl. This is just some sad, desperate woman who’s coming out of a divorce and vulnerable enough to go on a few dates with him.. Regardless, she is the ONLY thing this loser has going for him. Hmmmm it would be a shame if some of your shameful little secrets for leaked, wouldnt it?? Of course this dipshit had to pay me $100 not to do it. and then another $100 when he was too much of a pussy to take a little-face-down-ass up picture for me. (moral: gotta pay if you can’t play!)

dont forget, queer, I still have the uncensored copy of this picture which means I OWN YOU.