Team tease is back and ready to get you fatties into shape! You sit on your ass all day eating junk food, its about time someone put you on a Proper Princess Diet! Princess Monique, Princess Renne and myself all got together to teach you what it means to eat healthy. But we know just telling you what to eat isnt motivation enough, so we chewed up the food ourselves and spit it back up to make it all the more enticing for you! Mmmm, are you ready to taste the yummy nutrious meal we served up?? It includes carrots, organic energy bar, sliced almonds and a special coating a princess spit to top it all off. Are you salivating yet?? Winner of the auction gets the delicous prechewed meal AND the unedited version of the video above of us preparing it just for you! 6 minutes total. Bid high, fuckos!