Mail call!

I went to the post office yesterday, sending goodies off to you lonely losers. I gotta say, I just love mailing off weird shit. Also the whole auction process, watching a bunch of rejects fight over my trash is a riot. Making stupid amounts of money off of it isnt too bad either.

Travis you little garbage eating freak – my nasty old toothbrush is on the way. Thanks for the $200!

Cameron you tiny brat-girl obsessed dork – shipped my old shoes and socks. Also the my baby blue thong you paid double for. Thanks for the $350!

MG those old black heels you cant stop thinking about and I never wear are all yours. Good job paying 3 times more on them than I did. $300 well spent!

Pre-chewed diet food auction is going great so far. Only been up a day and it’s already over $100. What a sick world we live in. I love it.