Mr. Peterson,”My new favorite caller lately has been Mr. Peterson. In just over the past couple weeks he’s blown over $2k talking to my lovely self. But thats not the only reason I like him, he’s actually a very unique caller. He’s a porn enthusiast and jacks off for hours a day watching all the latest gonzo-girls getting fucked out like screaming meat sockets; his favorites include Cody Lane, Whitney Stevens, Bree Olsen and Ashley Blue. The hilarious thing is, I KNOW half of these girls! I tease him ruthlessly about how all these porno chicks are laughing all the way to the bank knowing theyre profiting from pathetic men like him. They get paid big bucks to get fucked hard all day by huge cocks, all the while aging micro-dicked fools like Mr. Peterson pays just to watch. Mr. Peterson only has a 3 inch dick, so it must be total erotic torture to know that he could never properly fuck those video-whores. He cant stretch a tight little asshole out and make it gape or throat fuck a girl until her eyes tear up. Any orifice his tiny little dick enters would just be lost. You know, hot dog through a hallway as they say. As you can tell I love tormenting him. I got to give him credit though, as small and worthless as his dick is, at least he has a fat wallet.

The infamous cum bubble wrote to me recently to say he’s moved on to Princess Kyaa. So funny. For those of you who dont know, Kyaa first debuted herself with Team Tease and has since branched off to do her own thing, very successfully I might add. Cum bubble actually sent me quite a few emails. He has two sides to him, his incredibly over-the-top pathetic side and his serious vanilla side. Anyway, his last email was a bit of both, I guess he was growing insane over the fact that I didnt pay attention to him as much as I do PAYING subs. I’m curious to see how long Kyaa puts up with that needy fuck until she decides his songs and tarot card readings are not worth keeping up with his high maintenance sub needs. I put up the last of the chronicles he wrote on my website. [EDIT- He just came crawling back to me on yahoo. Funny. That didnt take long] Slim tony recently drew this picture of me. I think its kinda ugly but whatever. I recieved several tributes and a slave application from some fagbucket in England named Darren. He seems somewhat promising. Plus he likes blackmail! Yay! My favorite. Oh yeah, and diaperslut? I just emailed your lesbian ex girlfriend. Yeah thats right, I havnt forgotten about you. I’ll be shipping off my panties to you later this weekend so you have something to cry over during those lonely nights in your thick pee pants.