hey buttlickers

So last night Monique and I got this fun pay slut, David, super shit-faced on vodka tonics (my favorite!). We called him on three way and listened to him slur helplessly as we spent on his Amex card. Hahaha! For a while I was trying to get this douchebag Jason C to pay for my trip to Cali next month but he’s way too much of a little bitch to cooperate when I want him to. It took him a million years just to send me $300 worth of credit to Alaska Airlines. Fuck that. David is way cooler. He straight up gave me his card number to buy a first class round trip ticket, fuck yeah! I’ll save your chump credit for another time, Jason, you suck. Oh yeah, and he also paid for our trip to Vegas in January! Thats right bitches, were going back! Can you believe its that time again?? Start saving those paychecks, cause we still have the hotel to pay for. And of course your money to gamble away. Im a horrible gambler so give me lots.