Well Monique and I got back from Chicago yesterday. The whole weekend was awesome. Thank you again Lyne for tour of the city! We ate some great food, best of all being the brazilian restaurant, Fogo De Chao. At $50 a plate and only the best wine our bill racked up quickly. All paid for of course by Monique’s “”little guy.”” We also had a great gyro breakfast just before catching my plane in Greek Town. OH MY GOD! I was in heaven, best gyro Ive ever had.

Some of the highlights of the trip included going to a party at the 90th floor of the Hancock center. It was so funny getting hit on by so many guys whilst draining you fucks via ignore line as you listened in. We checked out the art museum, viewing some of the most amazing and famous paintings in the world. Later we went saw some live stand up comedy at Zanies. I was impressed! I have never seen live comedy and whenever I watch it on TV I rarely laugh. But I was cracking up the whole time. A lot of sick and twisted jokes, just like I like them.

Of course we also spent a lot of time making a bunch of videos to feed you addicts and our bank accounts. Check out all our studios for what has been posted so far, lots more to come.