Monique, Lyne and myself are tearing up vegas once again. Here’s our weekend so far in a nutshell: day one, met up with Lyne and misssweetfeet Michelle went to a strip club and got like 5 million lap dances from a bunch of hookers for free.. but really they should have been paying me, dont you think? Imagine all the dudes who blew their wads in their pants watching me that night, hahaha! Its fun to be a girl at a strip club because you get away with so much more. i must have felt up a bagillion plastic boobies last night. Speaking of sweet fake tits, Lyne and I made some hot custom bikini videos for some loser named ken, which will be posted later this week. Monique came in the next day, we had dinner, gambled, and made more videos. Then we put on sexy dresses and headed toward the palms, where we randomly got ushered into some private playboy party for John Mayer. I had no idea who the fuck he was but I guess Lyne was pretty hot for him. I found out later he wrote that song your body is a wonder land. Big deal. I’ve done better.

Were up now and hung over. This is our final night. We’ll probably go shopping during the day and then check out the show Zumanity this evening. Erotic CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!! Yess!!

Anyway, ignore lines will be kept on if you want to call me up and listen in on the fun you’ll never have.