vegas pictures!

Well the last day in vegas was awesome! Zumanity was was sexy and amazing, just like the 3 princesses watching. Afterward us girls got invited to this random hotel party that turned out to be inside the suite where they filmed the Real World for a season. Monique Lyne and I made some hilarious clips in the “confession boothe” on Lyne’s camera so hopefully she’ll be posting them soon. The rest of the time was spent gambling your loser’s money away until the wee early morning then getting a ride to the airport big pimpin’ style in a giant hummer driven by a sexy black hunkasaurus.

Lyne and Michelle (aka misssweetfeet) and I on the first day

Walking around the strip during the day

All dressed up for dinner and some ball bustin’

Lookin fine for the Zumanity show

Monique and I at an awful club

Inside the Real World set.