Imposter alert

This is really weird. A "princessceara" signed onto my yahoo list this morning. I dont recall ever getting an add request from this name, and I never add anyone myself. Although I’m guessing it is possible I added the name to look out for an imposter. Hm, I dont know. This is just a warning to anyone stupid and gullible enough to give him/her money. And I know theres a lot of you idiots out there.

My one and only name on yahoo is "cearaspanties" and the display name appears as "Ceara Lynch."

Ceara Lynch: who is this?
princessceara: who is this
Ceara Lynch: Dont answer a question with another question. i asked you first
princessceara: why is it so important?
princessceara: and I dont care if you asked 1st
Ceara Lynch: because youre using my name
princessceara: your name???? LMAO…that is the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard…do you know how many people are named ceara? Get over yourself
princessceara: and get a life
Ceara Lynch: I dont know a single person named Ceara but myself
Ceara Lynch: especially not one who is a princess
princessceara: well now you know another
princessceara: my name is ceara
princessceara: LOL
princessceara: your a princess….of what country???
princessceara: lol
Ceara Lynch: this is not a coincidence
princessceara: ……..
Ceara Lynch: youre making fun of the fact i consider myself a princess when its in "your" screen name as well?
princessceara: your making a big deal out of nothing
princessceara: you act like you owned the name ceara and the word princess
Ceara Lynch: i do
princessceara: lol
princessceara: no you DONT
Ceara Lynch: yeah actually I do. and I dont believe you dont know who I am.
princessceara: NO YOU DONT
princessceara has signed out.