Thrilling events to come….

School has started again and I’m digging my classes so far. I have a full 17 credit schedule but amazingly enough 2 out of my 5 classes have zero homework. Nice. And no, I dont have any work trivial enough to pass along to you homework slaves this quarter, so stop asking. Go make yourself useful and buy me a present.

April is going to be an exciting months for all you Ceara junkies. Ive got plans to totally re-amp my website, It’s coming up on it’s 3rd birthday and I was realizing I really haven’t done a new layout since I made it. Of course anyone who’s seen it could understand why – It’s fucking phenomenal as it is. Everytime I think about redoing it, I check it out and then give myself a pat on the back for doing it right the first time. BUT!! New ideas have been flirting in my mind lately and I’ve decided to change it up and put in some additions. So be good and wait eagerly for that.

Monique and our is coming over to my place tomorrow afternoon for yet another session. God I love abusing this fuck and taking his money. Any retards vicariously living through this slave is free to pitch some video ideas in my comments. If they’re good enough we might do them.