Blackmail and other stupid sub ideas

I have a pretty long list of pet peeves. My patience is short and people annoy me easily. I mean that in general but especially when it comes to you dick heads in sub space la la land. That’s why I’m so great at being a mega bitch extraordinaire. Not that any of you will ever learn, but this conversation is a great example of one of my biggest eye rolling, computer smashing, annoyances:

schiavo2976: ..there was a video with both you and monique in leather or shiny trousers, somewhere, if you want i must buy that one, so i can face that i am prisoner of both of you, facing this.
Ceara Lynch: buy videos on your own time
Ceara Lynch: this is my time
schiavo2976: ,,,ok….
schiavo2976: they are in download
Ceara Lynch: good
Ceara Lynch: now go check your mail on niteflirt
schiavo2976: 60????
Ceara Lynch: YES 60
Ceara Lynch: you act like its your life savings
schiavo2976: but i just spent the money for these 2 clips, miss ceara
Ceara Lynch: uh. yeah
Ceara Lynch: and in return
Ceara Lynch: you got 2 clips
Ceara Lynch: whats your fucking point?
schiavo2976: here i got nothing in return
Ceara Lynch: EXACTLY

First of all, lol @ "leather or shiny trousers." but that’s beside the point. Here’s a news flash: buying clips or pictures is not a form of payment for anything else. Seriously WTF? Why do I even need to explain this? I dont walk into Nordstroms, grab a head band and then try to explain to security when I walk out the door how Im entitled to it because I bought a dress last week. Or ever better, intend to buy one in the future.

I should note though, that the conversation above is from cock sucker Simone who I wrote about in my last entry, who eventually did pay $100 for me to take that entry down. Blackmail can be very powerful! Even when its pretend… Let the record show that he didnt even bother checking to see if I took it down before he signed off. Hahaha, I guess it really bothered him huh?

Of course blackmail for the most part, is a fucking joke. It’s a farce. Any girl who’s ever played domme on the internet knows that within the first 5 minutes. 9 times out of 10 the information thats given to you is fake. Which really isnt that big of a deal in it of itself as far as im concerned. Not every sub is prepared to step to the brink of suicide motivated by the fear of exposure (Also see: Paco). As long as the moron isnt acting as though the backmail material will truly put him into an optionless, compromising position and therfor an initial tribute is unnecessary because if I just *seduce* the information out of him I will have his bank account and life by the balls.. Uh huh, right. If youre going to play games at least play by the rules or else find a new means of trying to manipulate me because your tactics are tired and sad.

With that said, I’d like to crown Dave this week’s titty-top time waster! Hitting two of my biggest pet peeves and an extra shit-brownie point for admitting exactly what i sniffed out of him from the beginning.

Dave: Hot videos
Ceara Lynch: i know
Dave: would be into being blackmailed to buy them and then keep my cock hard on webcam while watching them but not aloud to cum
Ceara Lynch: first of all, i require an initial tribute to start blackmail
Ceara Lynch: second of all, if i had you blackmailed, i wouldnt get you to buy clips
Ceara Lynch: when you buy a clip, you get that clip in return.. its an even exchange. you dont get extra attention for it.
Dave: hmm well this is the kind of stuff I am into so if your not then not much I can do
Ceara Lynch: no, im not into wasting my time
Dave: I would pay you extra of course
Ceara Lynch: ok well thats different
Ceara Lynch: do you have niteflirt?
Dave: yes
Ceara Lynch: great
Ceara Lynch: send an initial tribute to princessceara
Dave: how will you blackmail me?
Ceara Lynch: by getting incriminating information and pictures
Dave: how?
Ceara Lynch: by you giving it to me.. you said this was your thing
Dave: thats to easy
Ceara Lynch: why would i tell you my strategy before you even pay?
Ceara Lynch: youre probably just jacking off to the thought of this
Ceara Lynch: send an initial tribute to get started
Ceara Lynch: im not wasting anymore time with you
Dave: how much do you want to start?
Ceara Lynch: $100
Dave: you are smart I am jacking off just thinking about it