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Death by ASS-phyxiation
Bitch-face gets the experience of a life time as my human seat cushion. Watch him struggle to gasp for air as he moans in panic and ecstasy. I just love forcing this idiot to smell my ass, burying his nose right up next to my chocolate star fish. Dumb fuck!

High on BBC
Monique and i are hungry for some grade-A dark meat! Aww yeah that’s right, we love the brothas and we arent afraid to show it! We thought it would be fun to rub it right in bitch-faces stupid white face, you know, just to add another inadequacy to his long list. Monique blasts rap music in bitch faces ears and he almost cries in confusion. As if it isnt clear enough, we have visuals – big black thick pleasure giving dildo compares to flimsy flaccid useless whitey.

Pimptress Ceara
So Im getting ready to go out to this rockin’ party and I want to have a fun new look. You know, something fun… But I dont want to go through the hassle of trying on a million different types of make up only to wash it off and reapply – that’s why I have my little bitchface slave to be my model! I cake on all different shades of eye shadow and lipstick. I’m having so much fun making him up I forget about getting ready and totally make him over. Putting him in a long blonde wig and writing "fag" on his forehead — he looks pretty enough for craigslist!

Lick these heels clean – I have a date tonight!
Hot date night and bitchface is at his usual place, on his knees licking my heels clean. He will do anything to make himself useful! Of course I can’t help but tease him with my body a little, giving him a peak at what he could never have. Haha what a shmuck! He sucks on the heels just like a fag and then I take them off and make him take deep breath in, smelling my sweaty feet inside. Of course I act like my usual bratty self, laughing and mocking him along the way. It’s good to be top bitch!