What up sluts?

Full time school. Extra bills to pay off. Clips clips clips…. This is my life lately. Extra ordinary stress. Ok so school and making clips isnt a tremendous source of that stress but if I were to really talk about the recent burdens in my life that’d be entering an assumption that you internet weirdos are worthy of that kind of information. Which youre not. So just mail me a bunch of unmarked bills at my earliest desire (now). No questions asked mmkay? 

On a lighter note, amateurfootworld.com has recently been linking to a few of my clips on their main page and it has sent a tremendous amount of traffic my way. I was assuming I was getting all these hits through Lyne and Mo since they’re always rocking the top 50 these days. But I checked my stats lately and the website is actually providing twice as many unique hits than both domme-pals put together. Hell yeah!

In other news, I had dumb china man call me last night. You know what I fucking love? Like, really really love? Is when losers call me and instantly go out of there way humiliate themselves for me. Like theyre competing for Americas Top Idiot or something. So many retards call and challenge me into breaking them down to the single celled submissive that they are under all those layers of false setto.  Whatever. I can do it. I just prefer not to. Why bake a cake when you can, uh, have someone bring you one? (yes thats the best analogy I care to come up with at the moment). Anyway, I digress, dumb china man called! Spanking his ass and spouting out prime phrases of degradation in between each slap; "Im a dumb chink" "me sucky white cock" "Im a fag" and so forth… Sucking on a big dildo, going ass2mouth and all that. This was all on my ignore line BTW. hahaha!! I love it…

Also… twitter is fucking dumb. I wish you guys would stop it.