sexy losers

schiavo2976From: princessceara  Block 
Subject: pay tribute 
Date: 4/16/2009 8:38 PM 
$50.00 Paid
Ceara Lynchgood slave
schiavo2976definitely not good at all
Ceara Lynchnow beg me to take the posts down
schiavo2976i have just paid again for this!!
Ceara Lynchi know
Ceara Lynchnow i want you to BEG
schiavo2976please miss ceara, on my knees i pray you and ask you to delete the name from your blog, please, mistress, please, my owner
Ceara Lynchnow thank me for making you pay
schiavo2976thank you miss ceara for beating me and made me surrender 
Ceara Lynchyess!!!
schiavo2976i ask you licking your feet, with sadness.
Ceara Lynchok theyre down
schiavo2976what a loss, i feel shame
schiavo2976let me see..
schiavo2976no more name everywhere, right?
Ceara Lynchyes
schiavo2976thank you, mistress. but..what a much money…i have to cry !!
Ceara Lynchoh shut up
Ceara Lynchit was 50 dollars
Ceara Lynchi should just take it out of my account and burn it on cam for you 
schiavo2976no please i would cry from the inside of my prison
Ceara Lynchreally? do you have a cam too? id love to see that
schiavo2976no i don’t have the cam, but remember, i am italian, a nice italian young man
schiavo2976not a shit ok?
schiavo2976not an american fat guy
Ceara Lynchso?
schiavo2976just to say…
schiavo2976just to tell you
schiavo2976at least i am not ugly
Ceara Lynchum ok
Ceara Lynchwhoop dee do
schiavo2976but nice to be with
Ceara Lynchyeah ok
schiavo2976of course. let me tell you one story
schiavo2976can i?
Ceara Lynchok
schiavo2976the night of the election of the president
schiavo2976i was with a lot of americans, following the election day step by step, in a public place, a sort of disco, in Milan
schiavo2976as you can see, my english is good enough to get a dialogue with you people
schiavo2976so i partecipated to the party
schiavo2976all night long, as you know here in italy the hour is much different from yours
schiavo2976there were some girls interested to me, we had a dance together, just to let you know that i am not one of the unluckys who are with the tongue out any time they face a woman, but i am one of those boys who can even say no to somebody, if i have to say no
Ceara Lynchwow that was a great story
Ceara Lynchyou should be a writer
schiavo2976i imagine that you are joking