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Groveling at my feet as I ignore your exisitance.

Im on the phone with my girlfriend totally ignoring the fact that youre sniffing at my feet, hoping for the slightest scrap of acknowledgment. HA! Dream on. I have more important things to do.. Like, OMG, talk about this guy I thought was kinda cute, then I saw his teeny tiny wiener. EW! You get to listen in and hear how girls like me talk about inadequate losers like you behind your back, because you might as well not even be in the room as far as Im concerned.

Quickie for your dickie – ass worship

Cheap n dirty clip for all you quick cumming ass worshipers who cant last more than 5 minutes! Watch me tease you in my tight jeans, peel them off showing my gorgeous ass and laugh at the fool that you are!

Dangerously sexy leggings

Rocking your world once again in these hot gold leggings! Im too fucking hot for this world! You know you want me, dreaming about me every night, I haunt your every thought! But you can never have me. Not in a million years loser. All you can do is sit there on your knees and pay to worship. Stare up as I peel off these skin tight babies, revealing my gorgeous round ass, leaving you weak and helpless!

Clusterfuck mind manipulation

Holy shit – this video has it all! I started out thinking it would be a regular heel worship video but then I got carried away and went all over the map. This is for you messed up freaks who love it all! Heels, bare feet, legs, panties, school girl skirts, ass, degradation, tease and denial, mind manipulation, financial domintion, body worship, blackmail and more! My longest and most versatile video yet! HA!