What a morbid day

Donald S

u are so hot  that if u told me to i would hang myself after u have my money….but i am not sure if u would want to watch that
Ceara Lynchthats nice
Ceara Lynchgo sign up for niteflirt and dont talk to me until youre ready to pay immediately
Ceara Lynchotherwise im blocking you
Donald SREALLY?  ok i will   but would u really want me to hang myself? and watch?  u wouldn’t make me do that would you?
Ceara Lynchyes
Ceara Lynchnow fuck off
Donald Su are mean …i have a rope  right here right now…and u will be sad
Ceara Lynchdo you want to get blocked?

Donald Si am buying some of your clips
Donald Sand then i will hang myself while i watch them  unless u stop me and tell me not to right now lol
Ceara Lynchif you dying means you’ll stop wasting my time Im all for it
Donald Sbut the last thing i will see is u laughing in your clips…and right now i am such a loser i have to wear diapers…won’t u be sad if i hang?
Ceara Lynchyoure really testing my patience here. Im going to ask you again, do you want to get blocked?
Donald Sno
Ceara Lynchthen you need to fuck off until youre ready to pay me directly
Donald Sok i want to buy clips for starters
Ceara Lynchthen go buy my clips
Ceara Lynchbut dont message me
Ceara Lynchbuying clips is not a tribute for my time
Donald Sok…do u have any of u laughing and humiliating a guy and convincing him to hang himself?
Ceara Lynchno
Donald Sif i do send u a fairly large amount of money will u make me hang myself on cam for u and watch?
Ceara Lynchgladly
Donald Sok
Donald Show much do u want?
Ceara Lynchif youre going to kill yourself i want everything you have
Donald SI have $15000 altogether, can i keep some for funeral expenses and to wear something other then diapers when they bury me?
Ceara Lynchno

dan stevensim in a really depressed mood i just wanted to talk to someone
Ceara Lynchwrong person
Ceara Lynchunless you want to pay me for my time while you cry like a little bitch about your stupid problems, get lost
dan stevenswhy are you so mean?

dan stevensi have never talked to somebod as mean and indifferent before
dan stevensill leave you alone now…i hope you believe in karma though because one day you will recieve the same treatment
Ceara Lynchkill yourself 
dan stevenswhat if i do?
Ceara LynchId laugh
Ceara Lynchso please do
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