Crankin’ em out as usual – New vids!

Hey poop-shoots! it’s been a couple days, so Im sure youre already jonesin’ for a Ceara fix. You know the drill, goto my c4s site or click on the buttons below to buy through niteflirt.

Brat trash talk – 7 minutes
Standing above you in my tight shiny latex dress that hugs my curves. You are helpless, and I am in a bratty mood. Not really interested in taking full advantage today, just wanna tease you and act like a total bitch… Because I can! Its so fun to make fun of you while you sit there and worship me like your god. I dont even have to do anything! My mind and body speak for itself. I rule your world.

Human ashtray POV – 8 minutes
Hey there little worm. Open up I have some ash to flick in your mouth. You dont mind do you? (Like I care). Youre so pathetically desperate for my attention you’ll take it in any form, even if that means being my human ash tray! I love watching your eyes well up with tears as I blow smoke in your face. Seeing that eager look to please me just makes me want to destroy you more.

Bikini feet oiled up in your face – 10 minutes
Hanging out in my bikini teasing you with my sexy feet. I know how weak you get for them, just wrinkle my soles and spread my toes and youre like puddy in my hands! I take your silly little fetish to the next level when I pour baby oil all over them and make your head spin. You live for my feet.

Spit face bikini tease POV – 7 minutes
Im standing above you in a sexy little bikini and pigtails acting like a total bitch. All I want to do is spit on your stupid face until its totally covered, talking trash and giggling at how pathetic you are. Once your vision is covered in my sticky saliva, I stand above you and tease you with my body you can barely see now. Then I wipe the spit from your face so you can see me spit on you AGAIN! Hahahaha, fucking spittoon!