Buying my clips with your cc#

nihil.david: omg, you spend another 100
nihil.david: so like 250 total?
nihil.david: jesus,k i’ll be in trouble
Ceara Lynch: too bad fo ryou
nihil.david: ugh
Ceara Lynch: I know youre good for it
nihil.david: can you throw my info out?
Ceara Lynch: nope
Ceara Lynch: mine now lush
Ceara Lynch: forever in my archive
nihil.david: ugh
Ceara Lynch: how does it feel?
nihil.david: well, can you at least promise me you’ll use it once per week to buy $100 worth of videos, even if i don’t see you?
Ceara Lynch: definitely
nihil.david: promise?
Ceara Lynch: You can count on me!