Thanks girlfriend! lol. Suicide diaper boy’s pretend lover lol.

Whoa, you guys were so right. I really should have taken this guy’s suicide threats more seriously…

Donald S:
 hi sweetie… did me a favor girlfriend!!
Ceara Lynch: oh yeah?
Donald S: yup
Ceara Lynch: thats nice
Donald S: you know that loser on here who talked to u last week?  The one who cums in his pants??
Ceara Lynch: sure
Donald S: he was my x b/f
Ceara Lynch: oh okay
Donald S: Yup…………..He hung himself the other day  LOL
Ceara Lynch: I’m sure
Donald S: He was a fucking loser lol
Ceara Lynch: yes this all sounds very likely to be true
Donald S: I got most of his money before he did though
Ceara Lynch: uh huh…
Ceara Lynch: so what favor did I do for you again?
Donald S: well i know he said he had talked to you and he said u just reaffirmed how much of a loser he was……….mwah
Ceara Lynch: oh okay right
Ceara Lynch: this all makes sense and I totally believe you
Donald S: thanks girlfriend
Ceara Lynch: youre welcome girlfriend!!
Donald S: MWAH
Donald S: me and my g/f found him  lol
Ceara Lynch: so you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend?
Donald S: i am lesbo  now
Ceara Lynch: OHH i get it, youre pretending to be a girl
Donald S: ?
Donald S: no  I cheated on him with another girl and found what i wanted i mean
Ceara Lynch: right and youre suppose to be a girl as well, right?
Ceara Lynch: or are you a male lesbian?
Ceara Lynch: Im just trying to get the made up facts straight
Donald S: U are not making sense  ..what did I say?
Ceara Lynch: i read what you said, im just trying to understand what gender youre pretending to be
Ceara Lynch: a girl yes?
Donald S: I am not pretending to be anything….I am a chic why?
Ceara Lynch: Hahaha, riiight.
Donald S: k  lol  whatever
Donald S: do u want to know how we found him?
Ceara Lynch: nope
Ceara Lynch: go make up this story to someone else im done playing along
Donald S: ok   u are too smart for me  I am fucking pathetic…i should hang myself right now lol
Donald S: lol just joking i would never do that lol