Douche bag was stuck like this all day..

chastitybelted2001: was a brutally long day stuck like that
Ceara Lynch: you got out?
chastitybelted2001: yep..20 minutes ago
Ceara Lynch: hahaha!!
chastitybelted2001: seriously…was about to go insane stuck in my room all day!
Ceara Lynch: sucker
chastitybelted2001: no doubt….didn’t know who i was messing with i guess.

Comedy!! Frat boy read my last entry and didn’t even remember drinking or being cuffed on the toilet. It was so hilarious going to school today, going about my day, coming home, and finding him still online, cuffed in his sexy thong. Now he cant stop bugging me on messenger, talking about how hooked he is but how cant do anything tonight.. Yawn, Im not in the mood to humor his obvious plea for a nudge. He’ll be back.

In other news, a stupid cheating slave came running and crying to me today after getting frustrated with his mistress, paid $600 to look at my feet and then felt immense guilt and said he’d never do it again. Hahaha yeah right. You know who you are.. What are you doing reading my blog, slut??

Speaking of sweet sexy money, I received a sweet $500 drive by. Just popped up in my niteflirt account, never heard from the guy. Gotta love it!