Last night I got this frat boy drunk as hell. He stripped down, put on his girlfriend thong, had a dildo up his butt for over an hour, painted his nails bright pink with no remover, stuck a tight metal collar around his neck, CB 3000 on his dick, put the keys to those and his leg and hand cuffs in his car…. then I had him drink out of the toilet and then cuff himself into a pretzel like this on top where I left him there and then went to bed. I wonder if his roommate found him yet…

Ceara Lynch: kiss my ass good bye!
chastitybelted2001: omg im fd
chastitybelted2001: lovce
chastitybelted2001: love
Ceara Lynch: youre an idiot.
Ceara Lynch: gnight
chastitybelted2001: omg
chastitybelted2001: im fukd
chastitybelted2001: stuck
chastitybelted2001: omg
chastitybelted2001: plwaw help me
chastitybelted2001: any amount of money
chastitybelted2001: please stay!! you serius??

Hahaha, I cant believe people pay me for this shit. Oh yeah also, apparently I started a war with this fake Domme:

Hahaha, I think I’m going to go click on buttons some more just for fun.