Added to the mailbag..

Princess Ceara:
I’m a sissy, faggot loser who would luv to be allowed to pay to talk with You.
I adore, respect, admire and worship gorgeous Females like You, but i know i have no chance because i have a very, very tiny dicklete, i’m not good looking, and i dont make a lot of money. I spend every night jerking off to the beautiful Females, which i will never, ever have, or be treated as an equal, and i also like to jerk off looking at big-dicked mens pics and videos.

I dont consider myself gay, but would be if it was forced by a Female, or even if it meant getting sex. (Its been over 8 years since i’ve has sex). My dick is so small that i doubt any guys would want me either, but i fantasize about having a hard cock shoved down my throat, or being taken from behind.

I know my lowly stature and my place in life, but sometimes it helps to hear it from a Superior Female like Yourself. You are perfection and i am shit …. i humbly ask if You would allow me to pay to talk to You sometime and when a good time is for You.
Thank You!