Yes, its what you think it is….

Yesterday was a special day for degradation! Piss breath has officially out lived his name and moved onto the ranks of “poo bear.” My god what a disgusting, fucked up, freak of all freaks he is. Truly the scum of the earth. I caught him online 4am his time and kept him up all night rolling around in his own shit as he eagerly handed over his cash. Then when he reached his limit, I left him drunk, stewing in fecal matter, dreaming of me and wondering what he was going to say when he called into work tomorrow. I love it. I fucked him up so good that this morning when I woke and came online, the little shit dog runs eagerly to my feet for more scraps of attention, sending me the money his spending limit wouldn’t allow last night.

poo bear: i was so under your control last night it was scary
Ceara Lynch: i bet
Ceara Lynch: does your room still smell like shit??
poo bear: yes, even though i have had the windows open
poo bear: i have washed my hands loads of times and showered twice but i still smell it off me
poo bear: i didnt make it to work either
Ceara Lynch: Hahahaha awesome
poo bear: i couldnt, i was still drunk so couldnt drive
poo bear: also needed time to clean up the mess, wash the sheets get some air freshner

Face paint!

Wiping it off on his girlfriend’s shirt.

Scooping out dog turds from the back yard, licky licky!

shit brush

Oh yeah, and an honorary mention to faggy frat boy who I was fucking over simultaneously. Why is it when one of these circus freaks shows up the other one does too?? Last time I made poo bear send faggy frat boy his cam when he was drinking piss and setting his balls on fire. He was horrified beyond repair, hahaha!! You dont have much room to judge there, fraty frat frat. Last night he canceled a date with a sexy lady to stay home with me, get drunk and send me money.

faggy frat boy: so this may be the most gay question ever…did you watch american idol this year? my ex made me..
Ceara Lynch: hahaha no i dont watch queerican idol
Ceara Lynch: douche mcfag
faggy frat boy: hahahaha
faggy frat boy: damn you, so knew that was coming
faggy frat boy: i mean, neither do I, I was just checking…lol
Ceara Lynch: get your marker
faggy frat boy: damn..the f’n marker again, you know how hard tht is to get off????
Ceara Lynch: ok goto the bathroom and write “i love american idol”
Ceara Lynch: on your chest
faggy frat boy: man
faggy frat boy: that’s not funny! ok it is…but still
faggy frat boy: man
faggy frat boy: i went from having sex with an extremely hot blonde to not even being able to take care of myself…you are officially the devil

Oh yeah, faggy frat boy and I have sweet plans to get hitched in Vegas soon. He’s proposed to me several times, and what woman would pass up a catch like that?? This is the second date I’ve forced him to flake out of, hahahaha!

$$$$$$$$$$$$CASH MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$