Plunger face and new videos

San Diego was awesome but its good to be back home, tricking dudes into sucking the boogers out of their nose with a plunger. Oh yeah, meet plunger face! My newest toilet slave. Why is it these losers always seem to clump themselves together based on fetish? I post about one cock sucking whore and I’m bombarded by sissies, write about blackmail losers and I get dipshits making up phone numbers for their non existent girlfriends. lately its been nothing but toilet bowl drinking, shit eating fuck butts. Check out this winner:

That last one is him stuffing his mouth with panties he soaked in his dirty toilet bowl. Nice… Anyway, allow me to regain that boner you think you’ve lost for good and indulge yourself in my new clips:

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Licking my feet on San Diego beach!
So you’ve been dying to worship my feet huh? Well that comes at a price – and Im not just talking about money. If you love my perfect peds so much, you will have no problem sucking the sand of my toes in the middle of the crowds at San Diego beach! Hahaha, now everyone in Cali is going to know what a fucked up freak you are for feet. You are so my bitch!

Suck the sand off our toes
(Posted in the Team Tease studio:
Hey you groveling lil foot bitch! You found two of the hottest, cruelest girls on the beach. Ceara and Monique are ready to totally humiliate and expose you for the foot worshiping weirdo that you are. Get down low, bow to our feet and lick the sand off until your mouth feels like a desert. We laugh as your face burns with shame at everyone pointing and laughing at you. Anything to be at our feet though, right??

Bratty step sister foot babe steals your inheritance
CUSTOM: So soon after your dad marries my mom he kicks the bucket! I can’t believe he left all his money to you, especially after we spent 2 miserable months with your lame family. Time to take things into my own hands. I know youre a perv. I know youre constantly checking me out. But youre not like the other boys. You keep staring at my feet. Well I’ve done a little research on your fetish and I know that you are weak as putty in my hands and all I have to do is wiggle my feet in your face. You cant resist. you’ve fantasized about this for a long time and heres your chance to spill your load on my pretty pedicured toes. I work you up, giggle at the stiffy in your pants, and promise to wrap my smooth soles around your aching cock until it explodes if you just sign your inheritance away on the dotted line. Are you ready foot boy??

Young dominant step mom teases your inheritance
CUSTOM: You are my very young, gold-digging step-mother who married and murdered my Dad for his money, but you didn’t realize that his fortune was designated to me as his only surviving family member. Now you set your sights on me, trying to think of a way to get me to sign over power of attorney to you. I am furious with you for how you played my Dad, but I am a red-blooded male and my body can’t help but respond to your obvious charms. You invite me to your house to talk with me about the money, and despite the warnings I am given by my advisors and friends who know what you are up to, my stupid stick between my legs guides me over to your house because I am tempted by your seductive beauty. You tell me straight up that you are after one thing…my money and nothing else and you will stop at nothing to get it from me. You tell me that the quickest way to a man’s wallet is through his stupid stick and that you are going to tempt me in to signing over power of attorney. You tell me it is only a question of how long I can hold out, and then you really turn on the charm, teasing me with your cleavage, your sexy smile and voice, your gorgeous legs, long nails, etc. You beckon me to come closer to you – just give in to the temptation. You know I want to so badly and no matter how much I try to resist, I can’t stop my body from responding to your teases! You use all your physical attributes to cock-tease me to the brink, and then you promise to finish me off with the most heavenly release of my life if I just sign over the power of attorney to you. My head is clouded and my stick is hard and I can’t think of anything but your gorgeous body….of course I’ll sign over the power of attorney to you, just for the chance that you would finish me. Of course once I hand over the signed papers, you just laugh at me and walk off, leaving me blue-balled and penniless.

Post cardio sweaty body worship
I just finished my workout and I am sweating every where. I decide to take you home from the gym because Ive seen you there before — not working out, just staring at me! I totally have you figured out. Since youre so obsessed with sweaty gym girls how about you wedge your nose into my arm pit and see how you like that?? Hahaha, its amazing and disgusting how much that excites you. I wonder what other sweaty parts you’ll bury your nose into?? Inhale deeply loser, you’re never going to have chance to act out your weirdo pervyness again.

Brand new flip flops from foot-boy Wayne!
Just got a new package in the mail and I know exactly what it is — My brand new Juicy Couture flip flops from foot boy Wayne! He loves to pamper my feet with over priced shoes and socks.. These flops came just in time for the summer weather. Watch me open up my package and try on my prezzies while I tease Wayne with my feet and dirty shoes. Wayne didnt ask for anything in return, a quality I like and reward in a slave. See what treat a good foot boy like Wayne gets for pampering his Princess.