Ballbusting and panty hose.

Well I missed my train today so I have a few hours to kill before I catch the next one. I’m hanging out with my sis at her office, milking you losers as usual. It’s pretty funny actually. My square sister at her computer doing office work, me next to her on my laptop telling internet weirdos to eat my shit. We are so different yet the same in a lot of ways.

Anyway, thought I’d update you on my latest clips. Mo and I had an amazing time with bitch-face last Tuesday. We really fucked his balls up!! Im so excited about these clips. Only a couple posted right now, but there will be a new one posted everyday for the next week. I also made some SMOKING hot panty hose clips which I basically never do. Dorky mcretard bought me a bunch of hot hosiery so I figured I might as well make the most of it. Definitely more of these in the future.

Goto my clips4sale page to buy them there or click the buttons below to buy through niteflirt

Ball busting boots
I had way too much fun doing this clip — Good ole american ball-busting! I am completely ruthless on this dumb fuck and my boots do some serious damage. Over and over again and slam my thick leathered toe into his manhood until it swells to the size of a softball. Princess Ceara does a favor for the world making sure this sub human never breeds again!

Bitchface gets dominated by serious boots
(will be posted on C4S on 6/20)
Bitchface knows his rightful place, under my 4″ stiletto heel knee high boots. He grovels below me, kissing at my toes before I walk him to the couch like a dog. He kisses and laps at my boots, licking the dirt off the bottom and sucks on the heel like a man stick. Total freak.

Panty hosed Goddess Ceara
WARNING – HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! I know how weak and stupid a “man” like you gets at the sight of a gorgeous woman in panty hose. These sexy thigh highs feel like silk wrapped around my long beautiful legs and I know just how to use them to my full advantage. wrapping you around my finger and manipulating you to the fullest extent.