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Face it Tim, youre a loser

CUSTOM: Tim paid me $100 to tell him what a fucking loser he is. He’s a pathetic dork with no life and a nasty foot fetish. He tries to fight his inner loser, but I bring it back out, reminding him that he was born this way, and will surely die this way. Face it Tim, you’ll never be normal.

Human playground
Bitchface lies on the ground helpless and submissively as I fuck him up in my own sweet loving way. Sitting on his itty bitty boner as I smother his face with my socks, covering his air passages and laughing, even making him suck on my feet. He is such a loser! I tap his balls with my socked feet, feeling how swollen he is. Then, I sit on his face in my cute white panties while slapping his crotch and calling him names! To top it all off I stand on top of him, using him as my own personal trampoline. I love using slaves as my own personal playground!

Sexy pink fishnets
Its hilarious to watch that puddle of drool pool up from under you’re chin as you stare at my mesmerizing legs and feet in these neon pink fishnets. Get ready to wedge your tongue through these stockings to get a taste of my purple pedicured toes. I just love watching your head spin!

Death by ASS-phyxiation revisited!
(to be posted on C4S on 6/24)
I just love sitting on this loser’s face until it turns blue. Knowing that he’s desperate for air and could possibly die under my ass is just so fucking funny! He gets double dip of tight jean ass and then a face full of panties. Almost taps out near the end there — nothing comes for free sucker!