Domme Kyaa clips

I got together with a Team Tease original, Miss Kyaa, (domme_kyaa) a couple days ago and had an awesome time shooting clips and catching up. Check out my store hers for updates. We even did a balloon popping video. That’s a first for me. You freaks never cease to amaze me with the random shit that makes your stupid sticks hard. Whatever. As long as I can exploit it and have fun doing it…

Here are just a few:

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Homework slavery – Earn us that A+ !
Today is your lucky day geekwad – Ceara and Kyaa, two of the hottest bitches in school have invited you over. We are ready to make you more popular you could ever imagine, chance of a fucking like time bitch! One hot date with BOTH of us, and our used pussy soaked thongs as a souvenir. The catch? You have to do all our homework. ALL OF IT. Thats double the workload baby! And yes, your grade will suffer because WE come first and we know you’ll do anything to go out that date, wont you?? Hahaha, SO pathetic. Especially because you know deep down youre not going to get it anyway. But doesnt it feels so good to be used?

Balloon popping with Domme Kyaa

Always eager to exploit every crazy fetish out there, Kyaa and I take on you balloon boys! Lots of big, color, rubbery balloons to blow up, sit on, dig our nails into, and of course POP! We verbally degrade you as we talk about how fun it would be to bust your balls at the slightest poke of our long sharp knives, then watch you jump as we do just that with these balloons!

Kyaa and Ceara force you to worship their dirty socks

we heard you had a dirty little foot fetish.. well guess what freak?? We know just how to exploit creeps like you! You want to smell our socks?? well youre going to have to smell our dirtiest, NASTIEST socks yet. A loser like you deserves nothing more than to have two sadistic bitches forcing you to smell their old smelly socks while laughing and ripping you to shreds!

Aaaaand some more!

Teasing turquoise toenails

Your weak mind is no match for my perfectly oiled up peds! Silly footboy, will you ever learn? I always get my way, and when it comes to dorky foot worshipers like you, its SO easy to take control. Drool as I wrinkly my soles, spread my toes, point my feet and dangle them in front of your face. Youre so hooked.

Tim? Hahaha give me a break, I know your real name.
Part two custom video for “Tim.” This spineless freak came crawling to me weeks after watching my custom video, weak and high, admitting to me what his REAL name is. He clearly needed some next level brain washing. Who the fuck requests a custom video with a fake name? “Tim” is one of those losers who thinks he can fight his subby urges, only to come groveling back and paying me to mind him again of what he IS: worthless. Stripping of whatever shred of false dignity he’s clinging two. You dont have a chance “Tim.”

Virgin special! Tease and denial jerk off instruction.
Hey virgin boy! Think your life is doomed to a pussyless existence? Well it is, HAHA! But that’s okay, because you can still buy clips like this and get teased to the edge of tears. Nothing brings me more pleasure but to get you virgies all worked up, promise you a little peak, see that look of pure excitement, only to rip it away from you, laughing and reminding that girls are going to take advantage of you for the rest of your life. Keep jerkin, virgin. It’s the only action you’ll ever get. EVER.