Here’s my butt! Look at my butt!

Now that I have your attention, here’s my latest slave updates (I dont do this often enough): 1. New worshiper “enslaved” found his way to my feet earlier. Spent a lovely $400 on me so far just to talk about how spineless he is to hot girls like me. HA! Awesome. 2. Yesterday Monique and I gang banked Chris Norkus and totally maxed out his CC. I got a $300 alaska airlines giftcard and about $400 worth of shoes and handbags at amazon. There SHOULD have also been a $400 victoria’s secret order of bras and panties but the order didnt go through. I’m having Mo keep up all his info on her blog until he fixes this problem, check it out here, you won’t believe the shit we got him into!: 3. Shit breath poo-bear has made his appearances periodically. I got him for a good $500 the other day. He was drunk as hell so I had him drink a cup of his own piss and then kiss his sleeping newlywed wife, HAHA! I live for shit like that!! 4. Also, Michael has until the end of the day to send me $200 or else all that info I conveniently collected gets posted (see previous entry).

Anyway, enough of that. I’ve been working like a maniac at clips this month. Since I’m basically free of responsibilities its my goal for August to have a good stock pile so that I don’t have to do as many when I start up school in the Fall. So, if any Ceara junkies out there have been humoring the idea of buying a custom clips from me: NOW IS THE TIME! If we agree upon the idea I will have it done and sent to you by the next day. Reminder custom clips are $10/min.

HAHAHA! It’s like looking in the mirror huh?

Goto my clips4sale page to buy them there or click the buttons below to buy through niteflirt

Bare foot worship with Kyaa
Grovel piggy! You’re about to worship the feet of two powerful goddesses. Kiss and lick our perfect souls, our 20 cute toes, and listen to our seductive voices. Every foot boys ultimate fantasy.

Kiss our fuck me boots, CUCK.
Kyaa and I are wearing are knee high black leather high heeled boots. You know what that means loser?? Of course you do. Wearing these deadly weapons mean only one thing – we are planning on getting fucked… HARD. Of course a low life like yourself could only imagine. As much as you wish and pray, you are inadequate and could never EVER get a girl like us to fuck you. These boots just torture you dont they? Reminding you of what you could never have. Suck it up cuckold, you will take what you can get. Got it? Now hand over that wallet so we can spend on our date tonight. You wait here for us to come home. If you’re a good bitch, we might just let you listen in on our hot fun.

Smoke break with our human ashtray, YOU!
Want to make yourself useful? Mouth open, loser. Kyaa and I take a little smoke break and we decided to use you as our ashtray. Blowing smoke in your face and ash in your mouth. You love this dont you?

Ceara and Kyaa laugh at your little white dick
Hey white boy – think you got what it takes to wow girls us?? PUL-LEEZ! In your fucking dreams micro dick! you are talking to the two biggest size queens around and we are ready to put that tiny little white worm in its place. You see, girls like us have what you call JUNGLE FEVER. We are obsessed with big black cock. Want to know why?? Well just look at it! Big, long hard. Mmmm..! and yours? Uhh, well, haha, ummm, just watch this video.

Secretary Seduction POV
You are fed up with the new secretary you hired. Sure, she’s gorgeous, but she does any paper work, never takes messages, and spends all day shopping online — on the company card! You decide to bring her into your office to fire her, but before you can get a word out, she tells you to shut the fuck up. She knows why she’s there, and she doesnt care. You are speechless. She says she knows what a pervert you are. Even though you’re her boss, SHE has all control. Just a little tease and you are stripped of all your power. She shows off her gorgeous legs in silky pantyhose, then pulls up her skirt, showing off her perfect ass, thong and garter belt. Not only that, she knows about your freaky foot fetish! This is no normal woman. It’s like she’s memorized your dirty mind and using it against you, manipulating you to the fullest extent and making you her puppet. Before you know it, youre on your knees sucking on her heel. You truly are her bitch. You agree that she keeps her job, gets triple her pay and will come to work whenever the fuck she wants. Youve never been put in your place like this before.

Foot job fantasies
Admit it, you like feet more than pussy! When all your friends are talking about which girl theyre going to bang, youre thinking about her feet. Those soft soles wrapped around your useless dick, its enough to make you explode isnt it? Well lord knows I wouldnt touch your dick with any part of me but my feet anyway, so keep dreamin! This is the closes youre going to her.

Cock mocking your micro wiener
Its so much fun to rip you tiny dicked boys apart. If you are not absolutely BURNING with shame for that tiny worm, you should be, and you WILL be by the time this clip is over. I leave no room for doubt; you are totally inadequate and worthless. Never in your life will you ever have the experience in making a girl cum with your “man” hood. Deal with it. Youre just going to be jerking that tiny thing forever! Need a little more clarity? I’ll show you what a real man looks like. BIG THICK AND HARD. Everything youre not. Loser!