Another one for the mailbox

From: “Mickey Mouse”

Dear Princess, would you do the below as a custom clip?

The viewer is instructed to eat lots of bran flakes and similar throughout the day, and then two or three packets of sugar-free Mentoes or other mints last thing at night. You really walk him through the process of eating the mints, telling him exactly what to do, chew, swallow, etc. He will then inevitably shit himself in the middle of the night, fill his bed with runny shit (hope his girlfriend isn’t staying over…) and ruin his sleep and he will probably go into work exhausted and smelling of shit the next day. Up to you if you let him cum, but if if he does cum he will realise what a stupid thing he has done and how there is nothing he can do now, his stomach is like a ticking clock.


My favorite part of this request is that it came from Micky Mouse.