New videos

Mo and I have been running around like hyper active squirrels making clips for the Team Tease store. Right now the clips we’ve done with bitchfaceloser are being posted – various ones on all three studios (hers, mine and team tease.) Today Rene is stopping by for a visit and were going to bust out some more. Also, next week were getting together with this amazingly gorgeous Latina brat and see if she’s got what it takes to make the team. AND quite possibly another rendezvous with domme_kyaa is in the works. This is exciting shit people!! Enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Here’s my latest:

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Sexy black dominating heels
Heel worshipers across the globe are going to drop dead when they see this clip! Groveling below me and lapping at my gorgeous black spiked heels. I give you that special brand of Ceara Lynch abuse. Stripping you of your pride and reducing you to the miserable shoe sucker you are.

Smacking gum in stripped toe socks
Obsessed with socks?? Watch as I wiggle my toes in these adorable knee high socks. You’ll drool as I laugh and smack my gum obnoxiously. Its sooo funny to watch how crazy you get for my feet. I could make you do anything for just a little sniff! Hahaha!

Ultimate upskirt fantasy
Pervert! You love nothing more than getting a peak up a girls skirt dont you?? I bet you subscribe to all those gross hidden camera upskirt website where the women have no idea theyre being recorded. Well Im not naive, I know all about you voyeurs. Take a good look up my pleaded skirt to my pink lacy boy shorts. This is the ultimate panty up skirt!

Tampon tea surprise!
The hottest mean girl at school invites you back to her place. You’re scared, but you just can’t say no to her. To your surprise, she’s invited you over to apologize! She feels so bad for treating you like shit. Her conscious got the best of her and she wants to make amends. She offers you some tea and says that she hopes you can forgive her. Of course you can! She is sooo beautiful, and besides that, you can’t help but stare up her skirt. Her pink panties flash at you as her legs fall slightly open. Then she drops another bomb… she has a crush on you! This is too good to be true. She says she wants to be your girlfriend and then proceeds to tease you relentlessly. She knows youve been staring up her dress and lifts it more to give you a better look. You are in awe. Just as you gulp down the last of the tea her attitude changes. She laughs and is back to acting like the same mean bitch she always is. Then she shows you a surprise in the tea…

Dirty flip flop blackmail REVISITED!
I thought it would be fun to do a remake of one of the first videos I posted on here: dirty flip flop blackmail! Check my first page for the original. This one is much longer. You’re a grubby little foot boy so desperate to worship my feet and flip flops you’ll do anything. Well be careful what you wish for! The only way youre going to do that is when they are at their DIRTIEST! Get down on your knees and grovel for me because you’re in this for the long term! Im going to record everything while youre too horny and excited to care, licking the grime off my feet. Polish them good lil footboy! Later the reality will sink in: this video could destroy you! No one but me knows your perverted secret and the only way you’re going to keep it that way is if you become my bitch full time.

Making you melt in panty hose
i love fucking over weak boys in my brand new black panty hose. You are helpless and you need a goddess like me in your life so badly. someone you can look up to as I wrinkle my naked soles in your face, then slowly slip on my silky thigh highs. You are a puddly of the “man” you used to me. My heels mark the end of your life with what little dignity you were clinging to. Watch them dangle.

Your cash and cum is mine !
Fuck your hag of a wife. She WISHES she were even a fraction as hot as I am. And now Im prepared to take what is hers and make it mine: CASH AND CUM! That bitch doesnt stand a chance. All I have to do is lift my pleaded skirt and youre a fumbling fool, ready to to act as my human ATM. You can’t resist! No pussy for you anymore, old man. Just relentless teasing, jerking, and paying. You’d rather be used by a hot brat than fuck your wife any day of the week, wouldnt you? Hahaha, I always win!