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Alright bukkakefaces, here’s the latest additions to my unstoppable cinematic means of leading you to ruin. The newest featuring bitchfaceloser are posted, I redefined his manhood as usual. Also 3 out of a 5 part “Dr. Lynch” series that I’m pretty stoked on. Buy them up, minions!

Here’s my latest:

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Ass worship torture
Youre lying below my chair, strapped and can’t move. You’ve dreamed about worshiping my ass for SO long and finally you get the opportunity. Of course theres always a catch. Hahaha did you really think you were going to touch my ass? Smell my crack? No way loser. Youre going to just sit under this chair and STARE as I tease you with the ass of your dreams. How painful is it to be so close yet so far?

Bitch-face licks my white boots clean
Boot slut bitch-face lives to lick my boots. I have a hot date later and I expect him to polish my footwear clean. He gets down on his knees and gets to work like a good slave. Licking and worshiping – he loves it! Admittedly, he thinks the dirt from my boot taste better than the pussy of his hag of a wife. I’ll take his word for it.

Smothering him with my ass
Ass lovers – prepare to turn green with envy! Bitchface gets the ultimate treat, a little taste of Ceara-brand ASS-phyxiation. Watch me tease him in my cute little short shorts, flash him my thong and then force him to kiss my butt repeatedly. Bitchface is such a brown noser, its not long before he’s wedging his whole face up my ass – indulging in his extreme crack addiction!

Panty pervert gets punished
Bitch-face is doing his domestic chores – washing and folding my panties. I told him specifically not sniff them or do anything pervy. Of course, being the weak bitch he is, he just cant help himself. Monique is kicking back when she catches him, calls me in, and tells me what she saw. I am PISSED! I kick the laundry basket and tell him he needs to do it all over again. Then I bend him over and start wacking with my wooden spanker. If he loves panties so much, he won’t mind wearing 2, 3, 4, 5 and MORE on his head while I beat his ass. This is what he gets for letting his stupid worm get the best of him. Monique laughs and cheers me on as he’s licking my heels. Stupid loser!

Dr. Ceara Lynch – First session
So you finally decided to go see a therapist. Foolishly, you pick out the hottest one you could find. She tells you exactly what you’ve always feared: youre FUCKED UP! In fact, you suffer from a fairly common condition known as “loseritis.” No cure, only continuous and extremely expensive treatment. It’s important for your health to pay in advance for daily sessions. Fighting your problems will only make them worse. It’s time to surrender and deal with the cards you were dealt. Here’s how.

Dr. Lynch addresses your foot fetish
Continuing your therapy with Dr. Lynch, it’s time to address that foot fetish! We start this session out on your knees, where every foot boy should be. It’s important to accept and understand where your urges take you. Your desire to suck my spiked heel is only natural – I encourage it. Know that your place is beneath the feet of a beautiful goddess, or in your case, your drop dead gorgeous therapist. Thats right foot boy, now lick the dirt off my high heels, we are making tremendous progress.

Dr. Lynch Discusses the Pleasure Principle
Once upon a time Psychologist Sigmund Freud came up with the pleasure principle; the human desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain. As your new innovative therapist, Im here to tell you that you cannot have one without the other. And no, I do not mean people in general, just YOU. Allow me to demonstrate. You see, I can give you peaks at my gorgeous body, teasing you in lingerie, but in the end it will just be torture. Why? Because you can never have me. I show you just enough to get excited, yet not enough to leave you satisfied. You are left horny and deprived. Thankful yet frustrated. There is a wall of glass keeping you from true pleasure, yet it’s clear enough for you to realize what you could never obtain.